Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Available: now
Platform: Windows
XP/Vista & Mac OS X
Developer: Lead Pursuit
Genre: Flight Simulation
ESRB Rating: T for Teen
Multiplayer: Y

Game Experience May Change During Online Play


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Falcon 4.0: Allied Force - Graphsim Entertainment


Mac OS X 5.8 or higher with an Intel Processor

Experience the most realistic, challenging, and immersive air-combat simulation you can get!The classic air combat simulation comes to Mac! Pilot three different variants of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the best multi-role fighter ever built. Engage the enemy in the skies over North Korea or The Balkans, each covering over a million square kilometers of territory. High-fidelity flight physics, ultra-realistic cockpit instrumentation, and legendary dynamic campaign engine make Falcon 4.0 Allied Force singular among combat flight simulations.


Launch a variety of air-to-air missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-9 Sidewinder. Deploy a vast array of air-to-ground weaponry including the AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, cluster bombs, slick and high drag bombs and laser guided ordnance. Weapon systems are simulated using the most accurate publicly available specifications.

Simulate an entire war with the most advanced dynamic campaign engine ever made for your PC. This remarkable feature presides over tens of thousands of vehicles: air, land and sea. No two missions ever fly the same!
- Fly alongside and against other aircraft prosecuting their own missions.
- Bomb damage may or may not be repaired, depending on enemy resources and command.
- Negotiate the electronic warfare arena with ground, air and sea radars.

Rely on advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to control your wingmen, or direct them as required throughout the mission.
- Wingmen use real world doctrine and tactics in all aspects of their missions. Tune in to radio chatter directly related to the events unfolding around you.
- Call on AWACS assistance in finding targets when you need help defending your flight from interception.
- Go up against challenging enemy aircraft, sea and ground defenses all of which employ real attack and defense tactics.
- Experience authentic Air Traffic Control procedures with stacks and talk down via your aircraft’s radio.
- See busy airbases with parked and taxiing aircraft, helicopter traffic, and aircraft takeoffs and landings.

Encounter nearly every air defense measure available including SAMs (radar, infrared and optically guided), AAA and a GCI/IADS network designed to alert and neutralize threats on both sides. Search for enemies using accurate radar modes: RWS, TWS, VS, ACM, GM, GMT, SEA.



Windows® XP/Vista:
Processor: any @2GHz+
Mac OS X v. 10.3:
Processor: G4/G5 or Intel 1GHz
System memory:1GB
Available Hard Drive: 60 GB
Video Card: 64 MB VRAM
Recommended: USB Joystick or yoke, Internet

Supported Video:
(256 MB VRAM recommended)
ATI Radeon series (7000 or better): 7000/VE series, 7200, 7500, 8500, All-In-Wonder 8500, 9000, 9200, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800, X300, X600, X800
Nvidia® Quadro series: Quadro, Quadro2, Quadro4
Nvidia® Geforce series (GeForce2 and better): GeForce2, GeForce3, 3 Ti, GeForce4, 4Ti, MX 420, 440, GeForce FX 5200, 5600, 5700, 5800, 5900, 5950, GeForce 6600, 6800
Intel® Extreme Graphics (non-T&L requires 2.0 GHz processor): 82845, 82865, 82915